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"Song Salad" a sweet treat of a musical, hilarious podcast

"I usually like to include critical feedback when reviewing podcasts, but I found myself coming up completely short with Song Salad. It’s as show I’ve only been familiar with for a few weeks but has already become a strong favorite. It’s a podcast that does something different, that perfectly combines its conversational qualities with its educational qualities, a podcast with hosts as charming as their structure and concept."

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The Pod report

Song Salad: A buffet of quality podcasting

"Pound for pound, Song Salad delivers more smiles-per-episode than any other non-fiction podcast I am current subscribed to. The hosts have great chemistry, the concept is solid, the content is varied, the humor is genuine."

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The 10 Funniest Podcasts You Might Not Be Listening To Yet

"If the premise alone somehow isn’t enough to win you over, Song Salad isn’t just its setup: it’s also a funny podcast hosted by two of the most loveable, goofy hosts in the medium."

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