Welcome to song salad with Shannon & Scott!

I’m Shannon.

I’m a professional copywriter, freelance writer and dramaturg, and unapologetic nerd. I hold degrees in drama and creative writing with a Masters in arts management, all from Carnegie Mellon University. I take full credit for getting Scott into podcasts in general. I write the lyrics on Song Salad.

And I’m Scott.

I’m a composer, orchestrator, electronic music programmer, and somewhat apologetic nerd. I work on big, splashy Broadway musicals like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, but try to stay grounded with lots of big ol’ flops in between. I also attended Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied music composition and vocal performance, and stole Shannon’s poetry to set to music. In case it’s not obvious, I write the music on Song Salad.

And Together, we’re Shannon & Scott!

We’ve been writing songs and full-blown musicals together for as long as we’ve known each other—about 12 years. We both live in New York City on different floors of the same apartment building (because we’re extra like that) with our respective spouses and cats.